Backrooms: Escape 1 is a game inspired by the popular "Backrooms" urban legend, where players find themselves trapped in an endless maze of liminal spaces. The goal is to navigate through the eerie and disorienting environment and escape. Here’s how to play:

Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Basic Controls:

    • Movement: Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move forward, left, backward, and right, respectively.
    • Look Around: Move the mouse to look around and change your direction.
    • Interact: Use the E key or left mouse button to interact with objects and doors.
    • Run: Hold the Shift key to run. Use this to escape from dangers or to move quickly through the environment.
    • Crouch: Press the C or Ctrl key to crouch, which can be useful for moving through tight spaces or avoiding detection.
  2. Exploring the Environment:

    • The Backrooms consist of a series of monotonous, yellow-tinted rooms and hallways that create a disorienting maze.
    • Pay close attention to the layout and any changes in the environment, as these might hint at progress or danger.
  3. Finding Clues and Tools:

    • Look for items that can help you escape, such as keys, notes, or tools. These items are usually hidden and require careful searching.
    • Notes or messages left by previous explorers might provide hints about your current location and the exit.
  4. Avoiding Dangers:

    • Be wary of any entities or hazards that might be present in the Backrooms. If you hear strange noises or see unusual movement, it's best to avoid those areas or hide.
    • Running can be useful to escape, but it also makes noise, which might attract unwanted attention.
  5. Solving Puzzles:

    • Some areas might have puzzles that need to be solved to progress. These could involve finding codes, unlocking doors, or manipulating objects in the environment.
  6. Using a Map:

    • If the game provides a map or if you find one, use it to keep track of where you have been. The Backrooms are maze-like and it’s easy to get lost without some form of navigation aid.

Tips for Playing

  • Stay Calm: The atmosphere is designed to be unsettling. Stay calm and focus on your goal.
  • Conserve Resources: If the game has limited resources like flashlight batteries, use them sparingly.
  • Listen Carefully: Audio cues can give you important information about your surroundings and potential threats.
  • Mark Your Path: If possible, mark your path in some way to avoid going in circles.


  • The main objective is to find the exit and escape the Backrooms. This involves exploring, solving puzzles, and avoiding dangers.

Backrooms: Escape 1 is about immersion and survival in a creepy, labyrinthine environment. Good luck finding your way out!

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