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Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter promises a frantic and action-packed adventure, with the creepy backrooms teeming with terrifying Skibidi toilets. Your mission is clear: unleash chaos and shoot your way across the countless levels of this terrifying abyss. As you negotiate the maze of backrooms, each teeming with hidden threats, your survival rests on your shooting abilities and ability to find a way out of the constant bombardment.

How to play:

In Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter, you're armed and surrounded by an unending sea of Skibidi toilets in the unnerving back rooms. Your aim is to shoot your way through each level, fending off the unrelenting swarm while hunting for a route out of the chaotic abyss.

As you go, you will face progressively more difficult levels and waves of Skibidi toilets, each more dangerous than the last. To survive the unrelenting attack and progress to the next level, players must have quick reflexes, accurate shooting, and clever decision-making.


Endless Shooter Chaos: Dive into an infinite labyrinth of backrooms, each crammed with Skibidi toilets. Unleash chaos with your shooting abilities as you face wave after wave of relentless opponents.

Labyrinthine Backrooms: Travel through the maze-like passageways of the backrooms, where each level brings a new challenge and heightens the chaotic shooting experience.

Survival Challenges: Your job is to not only fire your way through the Skibidi Toilet hordes but also to survive the increasingly harder levels. Stay one step ahead by adapting your tactics and improving your shooting skills.

Look for Escape: Among the pandemonium, keep a lookout for potential exits and escape routes. Your ultimate goal is not only survival but also escape from the never-ending backrooms.

Backrooms: Skibidi Shooter immerses players in an infinite, chaotic void filled with Skibidi toilets, daring them to survive wave after wave of intense shooting action. As you seek an escape route in this demanding and entertaining game, the convoluted backrooms and mounting hurdles will test your shooting abilities. Prepare for a nonstop, action-packed voyage through the unsettling depths of the backrooms. Good luck as you shoot your way to survival and try to find an exit from the endless Skibidi abyss.


WASD - Move.

LMB - Shoot.

RMB - Aim.

R - Reload.

G - Grenade.

Space - Jump.

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