Cars vs Skibidi Toilet

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Cars vs. Skibidi Toilet is an action-packed game in which you face off against a huge Skibidi Toilet. Drive powerful cars equipped with firearms and wreak havoc on the invading animals. Protect the city from their terror by upgrading your cars, acquiring new weapons, and transforming into a formidable force against the toilet invasion. Explore the vast metropolis, face several sorts of Skibidi toilets, and protect the locals from this peculiar peril. This one-of-a-kind action game promises a chaotic mix of racing and shooting!


Desktop Controls
WASD: control the automobile.
Space equals a handbrake.
Left-click equals shoot.
To adjust the camera view, move your mouse.
Mobile Controls
Virtual joysticks control the car.
Moving your finger across the screen is equivalent to aiming.
When the weapon is pointed at the sight, it automatically discharges.

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