Catch Huggy Wuggy 3D

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We're excited to introduce Catch Huggy Wuggy 3D to you all as a fantastic new way to enjoy Poppy Playtime Games online. It's an action-hybrid running game with fighting and obstacle courses, so you'll have an experience here that's unlike anything you've ever had before!

Let's play this new 3D game and catch Huggy Wuggy.
Click or tap with your mouse or finger to move your red and blue hands, which are attached to your bag. Every time you click, they will move in the direction you clicked.

Do this to beat Huggy's minions, get past obstacles, stretch your arms to get very far ahead, punch buttons to open doors, or maybe even smash the doors down to move forward.

Each new level makes the game harder, but it also gives you more money that you can use to buy new skins and improve your bag. Have fun and good luck!

How do you play?
Utilize the mouse.

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