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In this point-and-click horror game, you are forced to take part in a strange experiment that probes the depths of fear. Your goal is to go through a hard test that is meant to study and assess torture methods that use fear.

The Fear Assessment Program is a specialty test that the government makes and uses to find out how psychological torture affects people and how it is done. It is a very important tool for understanding how fear-based deception works. Your camera will be used for this test.

To take part in the test fully, you must follow the six rules below:

Keep all doors that can be seen open.
Make sure you are by yourself.
Turn off every light.
Follow all the directions.
Don't let your mind wander from the test.
"Give yourself a smile."
Alexander Wiseman created the game. If you like it, please consider giving on his Patreon page!

Have a good time!

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