Five Nights at Candy’s

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Five Nights at Candy's. This sub-section continues the story. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria closed recently for unknown reasons. A burger joint with a kid-friendly theme has just hired a security guard. The purpose is to look after the restaurant after dark and keep the generators running. However, the robotic animals are acting quite strangely. Something seemed to be drawing them to the staff room. Your mission is to remove them and keep them safe during the week.

The events take place in the same room, the command center of the building. There are two doors on each side. Holding them back prevents monsters from entering but drains their power. The boss installed a system that can turn everything off if the battery runs out. Do not leave the lights off, otherwise, the main character will be defenseless. Manage resources and use them sparingly to get through the shift. Move the mouse pointer to look around and activate protections. View the camera to see how close the enemy is. Withstand their attack 5 times in a row to reach the end.

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