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In Five Nights at Freddy's 4 you will have to try to survive this terrible nightmare. The events described in this chapter occurred in the bedroom of an ordinary child. Observation 3 entry points can be illuminated by dim night lights. Listen for the chilling sounds coming from the hallways. Shine a light or close the door tightly to prevent monsters from entering.

The adventure begins in a dimly lit room with two entrances and a wardrobe. The goal is to survive by repelling the evil robots that are finding their way in. Move the mouse pointer to focus on a specific door and left click to reach it. Keep it closed or activate the flashlight depending on the situation. There is no camera to determine the location of the enemy, the main character must rely on hearing. Keep quiet and pay attention to where the hissing and breathing sounds are coming from the floor. Study their behavior and outsmart them throughout the storyline to see the ending. Wish you have fun!

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