Five Nights At Freddys AR: Special Delivery

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Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery has better graphics and a more realistic feel than earlier games in the series.

How to Take Part

Light source

In AR mode, tap the button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to turn on the flashlight. With animatronics, static will be more noticeable, but it will also drain the person's battery over time. When they turn it on, it will use up 3% of their battery right away.

When collecting remnants, the flashlight brings light or shadow remnants closer to the player. Shadow Remnant will cease its movement the moment the flashlight is turned off. It can also be used to help kill Shadow Bonnie. The current battery will instantly charge when the player is not in an encounter or using it in a remnant deposit.

Shock under Control

A controlled shock can be used to turn off a robot that is close by. But controlled shock won't work until a robot comes up to the player and takes off its mask. After using a controlled shock, you must wait a short time before using it again. This makes it harder for the person to use it too often or at the wrong time. Every time the battery is used, 10% of its power is used up. Some encounters with animatronics that are run by the computer, like those with Mangle and Ballora, don't have controlled shock. You have to use other mechanisms to turn them off instead.

How long does a battery last?

Batteries provide the energy needed to run both the lighting and the regulated shock. When you turn on the flashlight for the first time, it will use 3% of the power, and it will keep doing so as long as it is on. 10% of the battery will be used up by a controlled shock. A dead battery won't charge while you're talking to a robot, and it will charge slowly when you're not talking to one.

If the battery loses less than 10% of its power during an interaction, it falls into one of two groups. If the player has extra batteries, the battery will be charged to about 70%, and the player will be able to keep playing. If the player doesn't have any extra batteries, they won't be able to stop the robot from attacking, and when their power runs out, they'll get a jump scare.

Mask of Freddy Fazbear

When the player comes across toy animatronics, he or she can scare them away by putting on the Freddy Fazbear Mask. When the toys go crazy, the player always has to wear the mask. Even if the player turns away from them, they will still scare them. Depending on the toy animatronics, you may or may not need to look away from the mask when you're wearing it.

Fashion for a photo booth

In the photo booth mode, players can take pictures of what they do with the animatronics. You can move, turn, and change the size of any robotic plush suit you own with this. You can also buy up to 71 picture frames to change how your photos look. 175 to 245 Faz-Coins are needed for each frame.

XP System of Operation

After each fight, the player gets XP, usually 20–30, but only 1-2 XP if they lose. The person will move up a level when they get a certain number of XP.

Have fun, and all the best!

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