FNAF : Springtrap’s Rampage

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FNAF: Springtrap’s Rampage is a hilarious run-and-gun action game. The phone guy tells a story about the spring-trap robot rabbit.

Once upon a time, an unhappy robot dubbed "Spring Trap" was discovered within the walls. Every day, he watched as the manager and his children kept an eye on him. He was so preoccupied with Friday Fright. He has no time to do anything. Do not even go to the restaurant. He was unable to communicate with his buddies. Spring Trap eventually had enough and went on a rampage one day.

This game is rated T for mature audiences due to the harsh language. Caution is advised for anyone younger than 13 years old.

Have some fun!

How to Play: Use the WASD or ARROW keys to control a furious spring trap.
Jump with the space bar as usual.
E should interact with the stuff on the floor.
With T, throw an axe.
Use your mouse to aim and fire weapons.

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