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Funny Shooter is a fun and busy shooting game. Guard yourself against an enemy attack. Different enemies have different sizes and skills. Dodge enemy tridents and grenades. Don't let them hurt you with axes, chain saws, or sticks. Use bazookas and grenade launchers to kill your foes. They can be killed with pistols and machine guns.

Controls Guide

Use the mouse to look around. You can move with WASD, W+Shift, Run, Jump, the Left Mouse Button, and the Right Mouse Button (Hold). You can aim with the mouse wheel. - "best" or "follow" Weapons are keys 1–7. R stands for “reload.” In Knife Attack, using a knife to attack is worth 1 Q, and throwing a grenade is worth 2 G. Check weapons with T E, and then either take them out or put them away.

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