Granny Horror Escape

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A mysterious grandma confined you to her large house, which contained dozens of rooms. Discover a method to escape from the Granny Horror Escape without attracting the suspicious grandmother's notice.

The granny has sensitive hearing and can detect anything dropped anywhere in the house. If you ever make a mistake, find a way to conceal it! The game includes five difficulty settings, each with its level of challenge. The settings are:

Granny is not in the house. However, there are still many traps in the mansion!
Granny will move normally, and there will be one lock on the gate.
Hard: Granny will travel slightly quicker, and the gate will have an additional lock.
Nightmare: Granny will move quickly, and there will be more locks on the gate.
Extreme: Granny will move exceedingly quickly, the gate will have additional locks, and Dark Mode will activate.
In addition to the various difficulty settings, the game includes several toggleable modes that will change your gameplay experience. Dark mode makes everything darker; extra lock adds more locks; environmental sound makes the game more immersive; and nightmare mode increases the grandma's speed. Turning on all the options and playing on the Extreme level will increase the challenge even more, making the game nearly unstoppable. Will you be able to escape the mad grandmother's house unscathed?

Game Controls

W A S D equals Move.
Mouse: play, select, interact, and navigate.

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