Grimace Shake Escape Skibidi and Cameraman

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You wake up in Doctor Grimace's office. You won't remember anything if you shake the scary hospital. To stay alive and get out, you have to find things and stay away from Doctor Grimace's scary guinea pigs. Dop, dop, and dop. Skibidi is the name. Yes, there was a cameraman on the hospital grounds, and there was a toilet in the drain. Look around the hospital for scary things, open drawers, and safes, and do whatever you can to get out of this scary and dangerous place. Grimace and Skibidi like to hide things in closets and small boxes, among other places. If you make a lot of noise, one of the guinea pigs might come over and knock you out.

Controls Guide

WASD is used to move the player. E - use G - discard item C - sit/stand up Q - flee the hiding place Shoot with the flare gun by using the left mouse button. TAB - pausing the game Find the things and use them to open the main entrance and escape.

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