Gun War Z1

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Welcome to Gun War Z1, a new opportunity for visitors to our website to battle zombies with the best machine guns and bother weaponry available, an experience you should not pass up for a second, because we guarantee fun times from our own experience with it, which we will tell you about, so you can give your all from the start!

Let us win Gun War Z1 online!

In this fantastic 3D endless shooting hypercasual game, zombies attack you or survivors in perilous situations such as scaling a skyscraper or assaulting you directly from the top of a train.

Your goal is to fire them up until each wave is fully devastated, then win money for your efforts. If survivors are killed, or you are bitten and killed, you will lose the level and must restart again.

Drag and shoot with the machine gun by holding the mouse or touching the controls. Do not worry about ammunition. Upgrade the firearms and their abilities between stages using your earnings, as each new zombie wave or horde grows larger and stronger than the last.

We wish you good luck and amazing focus, as well as shooting abilities, and hope to see you around for more great games in the future!

Tips and Tricks

Keep upgrading your machine guns to shoot larger swarms of zombies.
Do not allow survivors to be bitten, or you will lose.

How do I play?

Use a mouse.

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