Huggy Wuggy and Anchovy Sky Run

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You must not miss Huggy Wuggy and Anchovy Sky Run, one of our website's top new 3D endless runner games for the day, which crosses the Poppy Playtime Games category with the Among Us Games category.

Join Huggy Wuggy and Anchovy for a sky run!
Use the mouse to swipe right or left to change lanes, and swipe up to jump. Stay away from the obstacles in the sky, because if you hit them, you lose them, and the race isn't over yet.

The more distance you cover, the better, and you should also try to get money from the courses because you can use it to buy new skins from both groups. It's that easy, so you can start playing right away and maybe even tell your friends about it.

How do you play?
Utilize the mouse.

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