Impostor but Huggy Wuggy

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Impostor but Huggy Wuggy is an exciting action game. Fake Huggy Wuggy is now more dangerous than ever!
In Noob, you start on a spaceship and try to get down by going from door to door. As you do this, you move through the levels of the game and may eventually escape.

You can buy upgrades from the store, or you can use the gems you get for completing levels to get Pro, Hacker, God, and even Huggy skins. Examples: Key, Strength, Elixir, Compass, Hammer, Ring, Dynamite, Teleport, Potion, Jagger, Meat, and Dagger.
Move around with WASD, click on things with your mouse, and grab boxes to open them before following the directions to the portals. Huggy Wuggy wants to lock you in a cage, but you can get out with the key.

Now that you know what to do and how to do it, it's easy to try and move on to other fun things.

How do you play?
Use WASD and mouse.

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