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Into the Dead Trigger is a horror shooter in which you have to escape from a horrifying environment. You must find the exit and execute any undead that block you.

Unlock many levels.

There are several levels in this game, each more challenging than the previous one. You have to unlock each level one by one. In each level, you must try your best to escape from the city. Because zombies rule the globe, you have to defeat a large number of them along the way. Otherwise, they will execute you.

How do you escape the city in Into the Dead Trigger?

You will wake up in a room to escape the city. Countless zombies prowl in buildings, streets, and other areas. You should open the door and face them.

Shoot zombies!

Do not allow zombies to approach your character. Before they can attack you, you must execute them. These animals can appear anywhere, so look around. Some of them even target your feet. Knives or weapons can effectively eliminate these terrifying creatures. For me, weapons are the most effective way to eliminate zombies. Sometimes, you need to refresh your HP by gathering first aid.

Find the remaining survivors.

You are not simply the last survivor because there are others still alive in the city. You can save them by walking through the apartment and unlocking the door. Of course, you can proceed to the exit door to complete the next level. On the other hand, the most exceptional and stunning things will come to you! There are many other encounters with zombies on our site. It is Resident Evil 4, which is one of them.

Game control

To shoot, press the left mouse button.
Press WASD to walk around.
To crouch, use the left Ctrl key. To tilt, press X. Press Q to tilt left.
Press "E" to lean right.
To jump, press the spacebar.
To throw grenades, use item F.

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