Mine Shooter: Save Your World

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Mine Shooter: Save Your Universe is a first-person shooter game in which an army of foes invades the Minecraft universe. Include machine guns and pistols in your arsenal. To crush foes, use a shotgun. Using a grenade launcher and a bazooka, destroy them. Destroy the creepers before they detonate. Dodge the golems and endermen.


Move mouse = gaze around/aim
WASD = Move
To run, press W + Shift, and to jump, use Space.
Left-click equals shoot.
Right-click (Hold) = Ironsight.
Use the mouse wheel to switch weapons.
1-7 = weapon hotkeys.
R = reload.
F = knife assault. 1. 
Q: knife attack. 2 
G: Throw a grenade.
T: Look at the weapon.
E = Remove/RRemove Weapon.

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