Monsters Lab: Freaky Running

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The Poppy Playtime Games section of our website is getting even better now that we've added Monsters Lab: Freaky Running. We've all had a lot of fun with it from beginning to end, and we're sure you will too!

Get ready in the Monsters Lab for Freaky Running with Huggy Wuggy!
Use the mouse on a PC or your finger on a mobile device to move the man left and right, go through the green gates, take the green vials, and use these things to turn into a monster.

Why? Because when the level is over, you have to fight another monster until their health bar is empty and you win.

Be careful not to lose all of your health before then by running into brick walls, other players, or falling into fire.

Focus on the good things and avoid the bad ones, and keep having fun running with Huggy Wuggy in 3D like you never have before!

How do you play?
Utilize the mouse.

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