My Huggy Wuggy Nightmare

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You and your family (wife and kids) move to what seems to be a tranquil neighborhood in the game My Huggy Wuggy Nightmare, but you quickly learn that It's Huggy Wuggy, a blue toy serial murderer, is haunting the area. In order to save your family and defeat Huggy Wuggy, you must now overcome your fear. Ready?

Can you complete the Huggy Wuggy Nightmare online?
Move with WASD, jump with Spacebar, run with Shift, connect with G, pick things up with F, reload with R, and look around with your mouse.

Follow the many on-screen written instructions to find clues, weapons, and other items that can help you complete your quest. Use these items to fight the terrifying monsters you have to face and survive, because if you lose all your health points, you will perish. Have fun and good luck!

How do you play?
The keys are WASD, space, shift, G, F, R, and mouse.

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