New Year Santa Claus outside the window

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Oh no! The New Year is quickly approaching, but you have yet to prepare! Quickly click on the screen to prepare for the New Year, but be careful! After all, the evil Santa Claus is watching over you!


Your goal is to click 600 times in 3 minutes! If you click when Santa Claus appears outside the window, he will get closer! If he gets too close, he will jump through your window, and you will suffer! You have barely three minutes! "That's Not My Neighbor: Spot the Difference" is a popular puzzle game in which you compare two images side by side and identify all of the differences between them. The goal is to identify several distinctions between two nearly identical photos. These variances can include color shifts, missing items, altered forms, and other visual anomalies. The difficulty lies in being observant and rapidly recognizing these nuances. "Spot the Difference" tests your focus, concentration, and visual acuity. Enjoy the hunt! Website developer:

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