Only Up Or Lava

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The popular Only Up game has a derivative called Only Up Or Lava. In this game, you must hop on lava and overcome any barriers you encounter.


To succeed in Only Up Or Lava, you'll need to use your parkour talents to climb the toughest obstacles. When you start playing the game, they will be instantly sent to you. On the platform, there will be obstacles that will prevent you from progressing to the following level. The obstacles are not immediately apparent; nevertheless, as you progress through the game, they will become clearer. Pay attention to how important it is to use good grasping techniques when you approach each particular barrier. The high-rise tower is an ideal area for honing your flying skills.


Sounds of espionage mingle with a tale.
An interesting novel filled with surprising turns of events.
The number of procedurally generated missions is limitless.
Easy to play, with simple controls.
The capacity to think strategically is valuable, but it is not required.

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