Paco Paco's Maze

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Paco Paco, who draws inspiration from the video game Pac-Man, will guide you along a path as monsters try to catch you. You need to stay away from it and get enough spheres to win.

Paco If you like Pac-Man, you can't miss Paco. This game is similar to Pac-Man, so you'll know it. That being said, the game has been improved with brighter and more vivid colors and some small changes to the rules. You'll still be like a lost animal in a maze. To get out of the maze, you need to get enough spheres to get the key that opens the door. It won't be easy, though. You also need to guard other monsters. They keep walking through the maze to catch you. Is it possible for you to get out of this dangerous position quickly?

Leave the maze. Paco, He is a dog.
To help your little monster move, press the SDWA and arrow keys on your computer. You only need to help it stay away from the threats. Just go get more spheres. As you walk, keep an eye out for danger and stay away from it. This game gives you ten lives. If the animals that are protecting you catch you, you lose a life and have to start over. If you lose everything, then the game is over for you. Every level has its own puzzle. The number of enemies and how hard they are will also add up. Pay close attention.

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