Pocong Creepy Video Call Horror

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Now, you are scary. Pocong Video Call Horror is calling you in strange ways! Pocong is a scary video call horror game that you can play online for free.

How to play

A scary game for video calls Play with standard controls: The controls for most browser games are different based on the game you're playing. However, the computer and mouse are still the main ways to play most browser games. When you play games in your browser, the following common controls may show up:

Keyboard: To move a figure or get around in a menu, most people use the arrow keys or WASD keys. When you jump, press the space bar. To start or stop the game, press the enter key.
Mouse: In first-person shooter games, you use the mouse to aim and fire, move through menus, and interact with things in the game. The left mouse button is primarily used for shooting or making decisions. Additionally, the right mouse button allows players to interact with objects or aim down sights.
Using the spacebar to jump, shoot, and interact with objects are its main features.
The Esc button's main job is to stop the game and open the menu.
The tab button is the main way to see the scores and inventory.
Players mostly use the number keys to choose and switch between weapons.
With Shift and Ctrl, you can run and hide.

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