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At this time, the Poppy Playtime Full Game is still missing. For the time being, you can only play the first chapter, which mostly introduces you to the game's basic mechanics and characters. The release date for the second volume, which is set for 2022, is also known. The player learns in the first portion that the protagonist used to work at a factory where a mysterious incident occurred. As a result, many people vanished, and the building fell into disrepair. Many years later, the protagonist resolves to return to find out what happened. He discovered a unique gizmo at the factory that many players appreciated. He can overcome any distance with the aid of it and his long arms.

As a result, objects that are far away are no longer difficult to reach. It should also be noted that the abandoned toy factory is home to a massive blue monster. If he notices the player, he immediately begins pursuing him. As a result, the player must move as quickly as possible to avoid being captured by him. Best of luck, and have a great time playing!

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