Poppy Playtime Survival

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Poppy Playtime Survival is new horror game with detailed graphics and thrilling atmosphere. And the interesting background of this spooky story makes you have to play more to uncover all the secrets hidden behind this accident. Explore the plot You are a former worker of a toy factory who delivered the most dolls and cars that all girls and boys loved. According to the news, one day, all your co-workers went missing, and the factory closed. The investigation was held, but it did not provide much information. You will return to this creepy building to uncover all the secrets and find out the answers on your own. One thing that absolutely works for you are the cassettes lying around starting in the first room. Of course, in each room you can find special TVs and DVDs that allow you to watch videos of this building. You can discover interesting information and learn the controls. Search for blue tape and yellow tape to watch videos and learn what's needed to continue the process. You can walk, crouch, run and get items with the special item you get in the first levels. Show all your skills to reach the final. And don't forget that scary toys are chasing you. Good luck and have fun playing!

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