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In Unblocked Poppy Playtime, you'll solve puzzles through the investigation of mere toys. The events began many years ago when workers mysteriously disappeared from a toy factory.

The investigation came to a standstill and quickly everyone forgot about the case, except for one worker. He decided to stir up past events and still find some clues. He goes to an abandoned building to check it out again. But what happened next was completely out of his plan. On the very first day, our hero stayed here until dark and could not leave the place anymore. Sounds and rustles began to reverberate from every nook and cranny - seemingly friendly plush toys had come to life, transforming into dangerous and disgusting creatures. Now, the search for evidence is moving to second place, and the hero must immediately think about how to protect himself from merciless monsters.

There are dozens here, and Huggy Wuggy is the biggest and most dangerous of them all. He hides truly evil intentions behind his grin. The moment he catches you, the game is over for you. So check out the types of tools you can use - don't forget the Grabpack, it will give you an extra pair of magic hands. Try to ignore the heartbreaking screams and scary-looking monsters and continue your search. Do all in your power to find out the truth about this place. Wish you have fun!

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