Poppy vs Garten of banban House escape

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Poppy vs. Garten of Banban is a scary horror game about a strange house that seems to be haunted. Can you get away from the evil monsters in the Garten of Banban and figure out how to get out of the spooky house? In this game, you have to be brave and think quickly to fight monsters and find a way out of the Garten of Banban. You have to avoid the deadly traps that the Banban monster Garten has set. In this scary game, you only have 120 days to get out, so everything you do matters as you try to stay alive. Play now to experience the fear and thrill of Garten of Banban. The game also comes with a Minecraft mod, a mobile version, and a second chapter with new monsters and jobs. You will also face off against your friends Poppy Playtime and Rainbow in this game.


Controls Guide

For orientation control, utilize WASD and keyboard arrows in desktop mode and Joystick in mobile mode, plus mouse click and move.

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