Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore

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Rainbow But It's Alphabet Lore is a fun survival game where you are trapped in a classroom full of letter-writing monsters. You will change to an alphabetic character so that you can work with other characters on missions to get out of the room. You can choose from lots of different characters created from any letter of the alphabet. You can be a naughty P, a slow Q, or a curious Y who always wants to know "Why?"

Every day you will get a new level, so your alphabet game will never end. There are over 100 alphabet challenge levels that you can try. There are many boss battles: There are huge bosses waiting for you. Are you ready to face them?

Don't buy things to achieve goals; Instead, click the "box" button to hide from the monsters of the alphabet. Run as fast as you can! You are running out of time. Don't let the monster grab you. Team up with others to pass levels faster!

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