Residence of Evil: Quarantine

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In an apocalyptic world, your survival is your only hope. You fight against monsters with a range of weaponry. Your aim is to discover the truth regarding the virus epidemic.
Your goal is to live and find Olivia. Residence of Evil: Quarantine is a free online shooting game that includes social networking features such as achievements and leaderboards.
Evil's Residence is Quarantine is a 3D action/horror game. Silent Hill and Resident Evil are just a couple of the classic shooters that have influenced its retro aesthetic. It takes place in Woodbury, a tiny town dealing with a virus outbreak. You must escape quarantine and learn the truth about this bizarre community. There are 12 levels to test your abilities.

Success Guidelines

Residence of Evil is a 3D horror shooting game. Players will assume the role of an investigator tasked with investigating a run-down hotel that has been quarantined after a weird and hazardous illness spreads there. There will be several enemies and eerie locations in the game, so players should constantly have their weapons ready. If you enjoy this game, you might also enjoy these other shooting games.

Controls Guide

Mouse 1: Fire Mouse 2: Aim/Block W-S-A-D: Walk Left Shift: Sprint Left Ctrl: Crouch X: Prone Space: Jump F: Use item R: Reload H: Holster weapon G: Grenade V: Melee attack

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