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The online 3D multiplayer first-person shooter Shell Shockers ( will break your enemies' egg whites. The goal is to turn your opponents into omelets by breaking as many of their eggs as you can with your tool. Choose your class (egg soldier, ranger, scrambler, or egg fry) and enter the battle to kill other players. In Shell Shockers, staying alive will be as hard as walking on eggs, and if you want to have the longest kill run, you'll have to be quick, alert, and mean. You can make your avatar look more like you by putting on a hat or using other cosmetic items.

How many different ways can you play Shell Shockers?
Free for All: In this mode, all other players are your opponents, and the goal is to kill as many of them as you can while staying alive. Each card you throw away is worth one point, but if you die, you lose all of your points.
Teams: The rules are the same as in the Free for All mode, but in this mode, the red team and the blue team fight against each other.
Capture the Spatula: In this game mode, two teams compete to get a spoon and hold it for as long as possible. Each enemy you kill while your team has a spoon is worth one point for your team.

What kinds of guns do you have in Shell Shockers?
- (EggK-47): This is a fast-firing weapon with a range between short and long.
- Scrambler (Dozen Gauge): A shotgun that can kill any close player with a single shot. It can shoot two rounds at once and has a short range.
The Free Ranger (CSG-1) is a semi-automatic sniper gun with a medium range that is good against Sniper Soldiers.
- RPEGG: This is the rocket launcher's egg variant. It has a large area of effect and is great for destroying big groups of eggs. Only in the medium range does it work.
Whipper (SMEGG): An assault gun with a short range that shoots high-speed salvos at your enemies. Your fast rate of fire will destroy your opponents.
- Crackshot (M2DZ): This is the game's Sniper. At long range, a single bullet will kill your opponents, but you have to reload after each shot.

No one knows who made Shell Shockers.
Shell Shockers was made by the same company that made and Bullet Town.

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