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In the video game Siren Apocalyptic, the main enemy is the monster Siren Apocalyptic. Your goal is to install security cameras on the island so your leaders can keep an eye on them, figure out why a bunch of monsters landed there, and most importantly try to find and eliminate them. leave them. The Apocalyptic Siren is a very dangerous creature.

Tradition says that the Apocalyptic Siren is a giant human-like creature with lots of bones. It has no head; instead, its body is fitted with multiple sirens. If you are walking through the woods and suddenly hear the strange sound of sirens, you should leave immediately. Siren Apocalyptic will not disappoint you! You play as an agent who must check what is happening on a radioactive island.

Try to survive in a terrifying post-apocalyptic world where strange creatures have invaded, infected everything, and are ready to eat you. If you move quickly, you can kill all the monsters that stand in your way and survive.

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