Siren Head Sound of Despair

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Just a few months after the Belgrade bombing. That year was 1999. My husband and I camped near the city. A beautiful place of nature. where grass, trees, and clean air. But, My husband was gone when I woke up. I need to find him. I hope he's not hurt. When I went looking for my man, I found him... He was called Siren Head. I have to fight and kill it to survive. Along the way, pick up weapons like axes, guns, and shotguns that will help you fend off enemies. Good luck and enjoy the game!

Controls Guide

Esc or Tab to pause. Mouse 1: fire weapon Mouse 2: sight or block W, S, A, D: move the player left Shift: sprint left Ctrl: bow X: lie on stomach R: reload weapon H: holster C: change camera view V: melee attack M: reveal the map

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