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Jonny's Games created the short, atmospheric horror game Slide in the Woods. As you continue to slide down a seemingly innocuous playground slide in a forest, strange and eerie events unfold. Here’s how to play:

Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Exploring the Environment:

    • You start in a small, foggy forest clearing with a single slide. At first, the environment is quite simple and limited to the slide area.
  2. Sliding Down the Slide:

    • To climb up, approach the slide ladder and press the interaction key (usually E or the left mouse button).
    • Once at the top, walk forward and slide down.
  3. Repeating the slide:

    • The core mechanic involves repeatedly sliding down the slide. Each time you slide down, subtle changes occur in the environment.
  4. Observing Changes:

    • Pay attention to the environment and items around you. With each slide, the forest might get darker, and you might notice new objects or unsettling changes.
  5. Interacting with objects:

    • You might find objects like a flashlight or a newspaper. To interact with them, use the interaction key to read or pick them up.
  6. Following the narrative:

    • As you keep sliding, the narrative unfolds through environmental storytelling and occasional text prompts.
  7. Facing the Horror Elements:

    • Prepare for spooky and unexpected events. The horror in the game is atmospheric, relying on tension and suspense rather than jump scares.

Tips for playing

  • Stay calm: The game builds tension gradually. Keep calm and explore thoroughly.
  • Explore fully; don’t rush. Take your time to notice changes in the environment.
  • Interact with Everything: Interact with all objects, and read any text you find to better understand the story.
  • Use Headphones: For the best experience, use headsets to fully immerse yourself in the game's audio cues and atmosphere.

Ending the Game

  • The game is relatively short and will reach a natural conclusion as you continue to slide and explore. There is no other complex objective than to experience the unfolding narrative and atmosphere.

Slide in the Woods is a great example of how minimalist design and gradual tension can create a memorable horror experience. Enjoy the unsettling journey!

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