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Are you prepared to play Sonic Exe, a scary adventure game? While gathering rings, you must maneuver the green hedgehog around obstacles.
Adam Gavigan's Sonic Exe is an interesting addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Enter the game and switch to the green hedgehog, Exetior, to locate and defeat the Sonic character. Numerous obstacles, such as enemies and hazardous terrain, will prevent you from achieving the objective. If you attack a monster, you will lose your character. Furthermore, if you encounter obstacles like lava, water, or spikes, the game ends. To get there, collect rings and other wayside items. These essential items will help your character survive encounters with monsters or other hazards. So, let's start assembling as many rings as we can.

How to play

To move backward and forward, use your keyboard's arrow keys.
Press the down arrow key to lie down.
To jump, press either the Z or X key.

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