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Suika Game is a cute, enjoyable game in which you must merge two little fruits to create large watermelons.

How to play

In the Suika Game, commonly known as the "Watermelon Game," the goal is to match fruits until you reach the watermelon, the largest fruit.

The Suika Game rules are simple to understand. Drop and combine the fruits to make them larger. If the fruits spill out of the container, the Suika Game ends, so stack them strategically. Because there is no time constraint, players must focus on creating combos and avoiding game-overs.


Each fruit must be dropped and stacked in a box, one at a time. Fruits move and roll around when dropped or combined with other fruits. Here's how physics works.

When two identical fruits come into contact, they combine to form a larger one. This initiates a chain reaction of merging, which continues.

The watermelon takes up a lot of space in the container and earns the most points because it is the largest fruit.


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