Toilet Monster Attack Sim 3D

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We are pleased to introduce Toilet Monster Attack Sim 3D. After seeing how much you enjoy action games in this category, we believe this one is the perfect addition. We will now teach the players how to survive the waves of creepy and dangerous toilet heads!

Can you survive the online Toilet Monster Attack Sim 3D?
Escape the incredible Skibidi Toilet monster by reaching the safe points at the end of each course to survive, and then advance to the next level, where you will face a longer and more difficult obstacle course, increasing the challenge and the fun.

How to play

Move with WASD, run with shift, and jump over barriers with space. Use the green arrows on the ground to enhance your speed, allowing you to walk faster and get further ahead. If you get caught, you lose. Can you make it through all of the mazes? Begin your escape today, and then deal with these monsters in numerous ways with more of our Skibidi Dop Dop Yes Yes online games!

WASD, shift, and space are the controls.

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