Wendigo: The Evil That Devours

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The miserable mountain community, which had only recently defeated Slenderman, now faces a new threat: Wendigo. The poor townspeople are once again hiding in their homes, frightened to venture out into the street, and you had a job in the game Wendigo: The Evil That Devours. The creature only hunts at night, so keep an eye on it when it is dark. Take the torch in hand; the creature is deathly scared of flames. Wendigo is the result of darkness and a cannibalistic ghost. He is always hungry and requires an inordinate amount of human flesh. Consider firearms more seriously than a candle or a stick. While tiny creatures will attack, you will be rebuffed, but larger animals will not be driven away with a stick.

How to play

Move using the ASDW keys or arrows, click on the numbers to change weapons, space to jump, and shift to run.

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