Your Turn To Die

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Your Turn To Die is Nankidai's unfinished negotiation/horror/adventure game is about people trapped in a horror game where the majority vote decides who dies.

By Chapter 3, Part 1-B, there were changes.

As always, I wish you luck and fun.

How to get started:

Remember to save often because this game doesn't do it for you and if you lose you will have to load a save. If you forgot to save for a long time and lost your progress, you can at least go back to the beginning of each chapter or section using the Chapters function.

Any changes you make to your computer are saved in its local store. They have to keep going between classes. However, you may lose them if you use incognito or private browsing mode, which doesn't save local storage, or if you clear your local storage when you delete your browser files.

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